Twin Lobe Roots Blowers Ahmedabad

GARUDA VACUUM PUMPS is one of the top companies in India which is involved in the manufacturing of  Vacuum Pumps and their related accessories. This is an ISO-certified company. Our company is located in the Industrial estate of Vatva, Ahmedabad. We manufacture the finest quality devices such as  Vacuum Pumps, Tri Disc Refiners, Water-Ring Vacuum Pumps/compressors (Conical Ported),  Twin Lobe Roots blowers, and all types of vacuum pumps.

What is a Twin lobe root blower?

Twin lobe root blowers are utilized for applications such as filter bed agitation & gas boosting,  cement blending,  and ash handling, etc. The twin lobe root blower has a high level of strength. They are highly durable in nature and acquire less maintenance. The twin lobe root blower is easy to install operate and maintain. They consumed minimum power for offering hassle-free performances.

Our products like Twin Lobe Root Blower have extraordinary aspects such as High performance, Long durability, energy saving, cost-efficient, high output, etc.

Advantages :

  • Easy to operate
  • Lesser noise and  vibrations
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Better for handling loads
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Very slow rotational speed 

We are offering high-quality products supplied at very reasonable rates; hence they are preferred all over the industry.

We also export products to over 10  countries.


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