History of Vacuum pump

Vacuum PumpVacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Guericke. He was a German politician and scientist. The first invented vacuum pump was a simple pump introduced from suction pump which already designed before.  The industrial vacuum pump which is the most used today was originally developed by Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump is vacuum pump consist multi blade rotor on a shaft mounted in cylindrical body with partial filling of sealed liquid. To create vacuum rotor churn liquid in sealed body, through rotating it’s create a ring of liquid. Hence it named liquid ring vacuum pump. It is generally used as vacuum pump but sometime it can also work as air compressor.  Generally these types of vacuum pumps are driven by induction motor.


Liquid Ring Pumps has wide range of application like filtration, feed, degassing, vaporization, distillation, concentration and resurrection of vacuum in agriculture, petrochemical, ash handling plants and many more industries